Payment details and terms can be found on each invoice. Payments may be made by online and it will incur 1.5% processing fee.

FEES INCLUDE: Morning and afternoon tea, and all course materials.

Please pay before the course commences and before we send out printed materials

Payment is required before attending the course unless agreed in writing.
Your place is not confirmed on the course and an exam will not be ordered for you until we receive payment of the invoice.
Printed material including manuals and pre-study guides will not be sent until payment or a purchase order number has been received. Exceptions must be agreed in writing.


We will process the booking and send you an email with an invoice. The email and invoice will contain payment details. Payments may be made by electronic funds transfer, credit card or cheque.

All payments must use the invoice number as a payment reference.

CANCELLATIONS AND TRANSFERS: Written cancellations will be accepted and a full refund provided for up to twenty business days prior to the commencement of the course subject to all printed materials already received are returned. Transfers of bookings made less than ten business days before the course commencement will incur an administration fee of 10%. Transfers must be made and used within twelve months of initial course registration. After this twelve month period, the course credit and course fee will be forfeited. An alternate participant for the course can be substituted at any time for no additional charge. Refund and/or transfer will not be provided for any participant who fails to attend the course.

INABILITY TO COMPLETE A COURSE ONCE STARTED: We will make every effort to reschedule you into another course to complete the remaining days. We cannot offer you a refund.

INTERSTATE AND OVERSEAS TRAVEL: Please note that final confirmation for a course will be made 2 weeks before the scheduled start date. If you are traveling to the course from interstate or overseas and are making advance travel and accommodation arrangements, please ensure all such arrangements are flexible. We can't accept responsibility for any arrangements made prior to the final confirmation.

TIMES: Course commence at normal local business hours and it will run for 8 hours each day. Registration is done 30 minutes prior to start on the first day. The details will be sent after registration

REGISTRATION: Registration is from 8.30 am to 9.00 on the first day.

COMPLAINTS: if you have any complaints or suggestions, please send an email to support@PMskills.com.au and subject as “complaints or suggestions

DISCLAIMER: All information regarding course dates, presenters and content are accurate as at the time of posting. We do our utmost to ensure that courses are conducted as advertised. PM Skills reserves the right however to vary course dates, course presenters, terms and conditions or to cancel courses without prejudice if circumstances so warrant. In such a situation participants will be informed of the change prior to the course and will be entitled to cancel if they so choose without penalty.


You will be informed of your results of the Foundation exam within one working day of taking the exam.

Certificates & Registration on the APMG UK web site.

It can take up to 12 weeks for the certificates to be awarded and delivered to you upon successful completion of the exam.
You will be listed on the Successful Candidate Register on the UK based APMG web site once you have successfully completed exam.
This process can take up to six weeks.
If you are unsuccessful with the exam, see the HSRS Exam Guarantee


Occasionally we are forced to make a change to the training venue after we have notified you of the location. In this event, we will recontact you by your preferred method to inform you of the change.


For the latest pricing on our public courses please look at the Course Summary and Pricing page.

All Prices are shown without local taxes. Delegates need to pay local taxes. Discount may be available for group bookings.

PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile are APMG accredited course and the exam standards are maintained by APMG. Candidates will be asked to sign a form stating that they agree to the terms and conditions of the examination and certification. The full text can be found here. In summary it says:

You will be required to provide photo ID
You will be awarded a Practitioner certificate only if you pass the Foundation and Practitioner exams
PRINCE2 Practitioners are required to re-register between 3 and 5 years after originally gaining the Practitioner qualification. The re-registration exam is similar to the Practitioner exam but is a shorter version.